Escalas Fronterizas: Border Sites + Sights + Cities Curated by Pablo Martinez Zarate + Isabel Gil Gomez + Juan Alberto Apodaca 

Escalas Fronterizas invites vendors and the thousand waiting to go across to reflect on the meaning, function and evolution of borders like the one that divide cities such as Tijuana / San Diego and the USA / Mexico nations though cinematic representations in visual arts and in pop culture. The series of projections that will take place at the border represent diverse perspectives contemplating the border as a site (Border Sites) -- geopolitical + local ecologies -- the border as a visual environment (Border Sight) -- visual culture + popular representation -- and the border as a series of narrative cites (Border Cites) -- local/regional history. The intervention explores this theme moving between the macro- and macro- scales, abandoning both the abstract dimensions of the border as well as the palpable experience at sights like the San Ysidro port of entry.


1) BORDER+CITY | , Pablo Martínez-Zárate. Investigación, Juan Alberto Apodaca, 4:41 min.

Mashuo con visiones cinematográficas sobre el cruce fronterizo Tijuana-San Ysidro, lo chicano, lo urbano y sus múltiples (des)encuentros.

2) Lo que Dios ha unido que no lo separe el hombre | Dir. Ana Luz Duarte y Paola Saracho, México, 4:33 min, 2016.

Lo que Dios ha unido que no lo separe el hombre es una carta-planteamiento, que nos invita a reflexionar sobre el papel que viven las familias que son separadas por los muros fronterizos impuestos por el hombre y la manera en que estas mismas limitantes se diluyen en la naturaleza, demostrando que la esencia y los lazos no cambian aún en tiempos de crisis. 

3) El corazón de Fanny | Dir. Omar Yñigo, México, 12 min, 2004.

Fanny, una prostituta de Tijuana, se enamora de su apuesto cliente, pero este abusa cruelmente de ella. Al contarle lo sucedido a sus amigas todas ellas deciden unirse para pagarle con la misma moneda.

4) The Z´s (Los Z) | Dir. Giancarlo Ruiz, México, 27 min, 2009.

Two americans decide to visit the City of Tijuana and buy tons of Pharmaceutical drugs and smuggle them back across the United States in piñatas. As they visit the city they end up in a house of a very powerful family of zombies known as The Z’s who will help them with their problem. The stereotypes of this film help capture the absurd relationship of two society's engaging in a game of cat and mouse. 

5) BORDER+CITY | Pablo Martínez-Zárate. Investigación, Juan Alberto Apodaca, 4:41 min.

Mashup con visiones cinematográficas sobre el cruce fronterizo Tijuana-San Ysidro, lo chicano, lo urbano y sus múltiples (des)encuentros.

6) Sleep Dealer (Traficantes de sueños) | Dir. Alex Rivera, EEUU/México, 86 minutos, 2008.

Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña) is a young man in near-future Mexico. When his family is victim of a misguided drone attack he finds himself with no option but to head north, towards the U.S./Mexico border. But migrant workers cannot cross this new world border – it's been sealed off. Instead, Memo ends up in a strange digital factory in Mexico where he connects his body to a robot in America.

7) Tijuana, sonidos del Nortec | Dir. Alberto Cortés, México, 57 min, 2012.

In Tijuana the educational, cultural and artistic projects start from a collective essence, the true secret of the border city.