Escalas Fronterizas: Border Sites + Sights + Cities curated by Cog•nate Collective / Pablo Martinez Zarate + Isabel Gil Gomez + Juan Alberto Apodaca / POLEN [Adriana Trujillo + José Inerzia]

Escalas Fronterizas invites vendors and the thousand waiting to go across to reflect on the meaning, function and evolution of borders like the one that divide cities such as Tijuana / San Diego and the USA / Mexico nations though cinematic representations in visual arts and in pop culture. The series of projections that will take place at the border represent diverse perspectives contemplating the border as a site (Border Sites) -- geopolitical + local ecologies -- the border as a visual environment (Border Sight) -- visual culture + popular representation -- and the border as a series of narrative cites (Border Cites) -- local/regional history. The intervention explores this theme moving between the macro- and macro- scales, abandoning both the abstract dimensions of the border as well as the palpable experience at sights like the San Ysidro port of entry.