Quipu Fronterizo / Border Quipu curated by Tanya Aguiñiga

Border Quipu will be displayed on the AMBOS billboard August 20-28th

As the largest border crossing in the world, the US/Mexico border can be seen by some as the perimeter of Latin America. The edge of Mexico, Central and South America. The point at which 300,000 of our identities and histories are checked everyday. Quipu Fronterizo expands on this notion, and uses the Andean Pre-Columbian organizational system, or “quipu”, as a framework to record our daily migrations to the north. In the Quipu Fronterizo project, US/Mexico border commuters on the Mexican side of the San Ysidro Border Crossing will each be given two strands of thread and asked to anonymously tie them into a knot. The strands represent the US and Mexico’s relationship to one another, our two selves at either sides of the border, and our own mental state at the point of crossing. Each knot will be collected from commuters and tied to other knots made that same day. The cumulative series of daily bundled knots will then be organized into a large-scale quipu and displayed on a billboard above the AMBOS market space hub. The Quipu Fronterizo seeks to materialize our connection to one another as a community and make our presence and experiences visible to bi-national audiences.