Dialogue in Transit: Border Soundscapes curated by Giovanni Zamudio aka IOB (Intrepida Orchesta de Beats)

Josh Kun and Geovanni Zamudio aka IOB (Intrepida Orquesta de Beats) will join us in the cog•nate cruiser to speak about music that has delineated and blurred the US/Mexico border and shaped the Tijuana / Los Angeles soundscape. Each conversation will take place inside of our Cog•nate Cruiser, a radio-station-wagon, as we wait in line to cross the border. The ensuing dialogue will be live-broadcast over hyper-local pirate radio at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on 87.9 FM. This special iteration of Dialogue in Transit is part of AMBOS (Art Made Between Opposite Sides), a collaborative project created to recontextualize borders and generate a localized hub for international collaboration.